#12 — run or walk in a marathon for a good cause

Jeez. This one was intense. I had no idea that the struggle would be so real. This year, I participated in the Susan G. Komen 60 mile 3-day walk in San Francisco, on behalf of my company. Being the retard that I am, i trained in Dallas, thinking that I would be okay. NO! The hills in San Francisco do NOT LIE.I suffered injuries that lasted for weeks, my fingers were swollen during the hours of walking, and I had to sleep on the ground in a tent. A tent! If you know me, you KNOW I don’t do outside.

At the end of the day, after all the complaints, it was truly an experience. I got to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge, bond with other employees in my company from across the country and I survived! 


#23 — Go to a park and fly a kite

I have to admit, when I first put this on my list, I thought I was being a bit childish. I knew it was something I hadn’t done since I was young, but it definitely gave me more than I expected. Watching the kite fly in the wind was almost exhilarating! The park was gorgeous, and I even taught two kids how to fly a kite that day. So fun!

#2 — zip-lining in Vegas! This was soooooo fun! I screamed my entire lungs out and went down kicking and screaming the first time, but when I went back to try again, i enjoyed every second! This was an experience i’d be pining after for years now, but the fact  that i got to do it with my lifelines (aka my best friends) made it that much better!

#24 — spend a weekend in a cabin. Okay, funny story about this one. I totally forgot it was even on my list! A friend asked me to go to the lake with some fam and i reluctantly agreed and ended up having SO MUCH FUN! We had about 6 cabins rented out on Lake Whitney in Texas. We went fishing (i actually caught three!), made s’mores, road in a speedboat, the works! I’m really glad i went and even happier that i planned it on my list 6 months ago :)

#20 – Become a vegetarian pescetarian for a month. Okay, so I didn’t give up ALL meat for a month, but I gave up everything accept fish and seafood = pescetarian. (I promise I didn’t make that word up) This went on from February 13 – March 13. I ate fish, shrimp and crawfish with a plethora of vegetables. I also juiced at least 4 days a week! I’m making this a permanent lifestyle, but I’m adding chicken back into my diet for the protein benefits. Yay for two crossed off the list!

#23 on the list — attend SXSW. Austin was sooo fun! It gave me the atmosphere i expected; the weird, the bad and the fine lol. Bar hopping on 6th street for the FREE! First accomplishment on my list :) 

The List.

Ever since I was a little girl, i’ve always wanted my 25th birthday to be extra special. I don’t know why, but it has always been like my “golden” age! I didn’t care much about my 18th birthday, nor my 21st, but my 25th — YES! So, since I turned 24, I decided to make the 12 months leading up to the big day just as special. It took me a few days to draft it up, and since I only have 12 months to get it done, I have to get moving. I won’t be going in a particular order, but as I accomplish each goal, I’ll post a picture or description of it.


So, let the adventures begin!

  1. Visit another country (Greece, anyone?)
  2. Zipline in Vegas
  3. Pay for a stranger’s meal
  4. Do a completely naked photo shoot 
  5. Go skinny dipping 
  6. Finish at least half of my book
  7. Go parasailing
  8. Go horseback riding
  9. Freelance an article for a national magazine
  10. Learn how to swim
  11. Be able to do a full right leg split (Yoga, namaste!)
  12. Run or walk in a marathon for a good cause!
  13. Go on a blind date (yikes 0_0)
  14. Ride a motorcycle
  15. Take dancing lessons: belly dancing, pole dancing or salsa
  16. Audition for an acting role (TV show, movie, commercial, anything!)
  17. Do at least FIVE things I’ve repinned on Pinterest
  18. Volunteer for four different activities
  19. Be a vegetarian for one month
  20. Go. To. DisneyWorld! (never been in my life)
  21. Ride a big ass rollercoaster (i’m terrified of this)
  22. Attend SXSW
  23. Go to a park & fly a kite
  24. Spend a weekend in a cabin
  25. Bring in my 25th birthday in Miami ;)